the scientific approach to finance

Z22 Technologies is a financial research and quantitative asset management company and an official spin-off from ETH Zürich and the University of St. Gallen (HSG). By rigorously applying the scientific method and using cutting edge technology we find untapped potentials in a variety of markets.


Z22 Smart Mirror

An artificial intelligence based US equity selection is combined with a momentum based long volatility overlay allowing for unlimited upside in bull markets and profit potential during market crises.

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Z22 Smart CP

A S&P 500 core position with a machine learning driven long-put / short-call systematic option overlay. Downside risk is limited to around 5% at all times while allowing for an upside potential of 1%-2% per month.

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Z22 Goliath Forex

Realizing an edge in the highly efficient and decentralized currency markets by estimating volume flows and order positioning of different market participants in combination with rigorous quantitative risk management.

Internship Marketing & Sales

Wir suchen nach einem smarten und extrovertierten Intern im Bereich Marketing & Sales

meet the team

Get to know the two founders of Z22 Technologies, Armin Herbsthofer and Philipp Baumann and the team