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Machine Learning Hedge Fund

specialised in volatility trading

Z22 Technologies

Machine Quant Approach

We follow a systematic machine quant approach without any discretionary decision components. The investment process in all our strategies is fully controlled by intelligent Machine Learning models

100% Independent

We are proud that our company still belongs 100% to the two founders, Philipp Baumann and Armin Herbsthofer


We are proud to be awarded with the spin-off label from the two leading universities in Switzerland, ETH Zürich and the University of St. Gallen (HSG)

FINMA Regulated

We are regulated as an asset manager of collective assets by the Swiss Financial Market Authority (FINMA)

Our Fascination
For Volatility

We regard volatility not only as just another asset class, we are of the opinion that volatility is in fact the only asset class at all. Volatility can also be interpreted as a price discovery mechanism and the force that drives all asset prices. Equities, bonds, commodities and even crypto currencies all share the same link with volatility and this makes volatility an interesting diversifier for every portfolio.

Many aspects of volatility are non-linear and highly complex, necessitating new technologies to accurately model it. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and Machine Learning algorithms, we strive to unlock hidden patterns within volatility and effectively navigate this complex landscape. 

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