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Z22 Titan Note Q1-2020 - Market Inefficiencies

Aktualisiert: 18. Nov. 2020

Markets are NOT efficient

A new decade has begun. Many technological, political and social challenges as well as opportunities lie ahead. World powers are struggling for supremacy. A constantly increasing demand for energy. The colonization of our solar system and venturing beyond. The knowledge of humanity is becoming so vast that it can only be efficiently handled by machines in the future. To strive in such an environment, we need to be able to adapt more quickly than ever before. The moment an individual or a company stops adapting, it will be left behind immediately. Processes that evolved over the course of years or even decades in the past will happen in the course of months or even weeks in the future. In order to keep pace, we must automatize and systemize decision making. This also holds true for investing.

In the attached Z22 Titan Note Q1-2020 we will dig deeper into the topic of market efficiency and share with you the insights, why we at Z22 believe that the markets are inefficient and give you an example of how me make use of it. You can access the Z22 Titan Note by clicking on the button below.

Z22 Titan Note Q1-2020 will cover the following insights:

  • By using three specific examples, we will proof that the market clearly and without a doubt has been inefficient in the past

  • Furthermore, we will show how different human biases and emotions support our thesis that markets are still inefficient

  • We will present how we make use of the irrational behavior in the option markets by showing a practical example of how we exploit these inefficiencies in our Z22 Smart CP strategy in order to enhance our returns

  • Finally, we will share with you an alternative definition of the efficient market hypothesis by quoting the famous investor and mathematician Ed Thorp

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