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Z22 Titan Note Q4-2019 - Are you a Bullish Bear or a Bearish Bull?

Aktualisiert: 18. Nov. 2020

Are you a Bullish Bear or a Bearish Bull?

When global markets reach new all-time highs, investors' joy is often overshadowed by the fear of an imminent recession that many economists keep predicting in regular intervals since the beginning of mankind. Our economies' heartbeat follows the rhythm of the greater and lesser debt cycles and is naturally undergoing phases of expansion and recession. Therefore, every prophet that keeps declaring the doomsday to be ahead of us is right every once in a while.

Many careers were built on being right just one time. It also happens to be that these prophets are very seldom good investors. If we are constantly expecting economic armageddon, we will never truly participate in the large upside and wealth creation, global markets have produced over the very long run. So, what can the prudent investor do to get the best of both worlds? 

In the attached Z22 Titan Note Q4-2019, we will dig deeper into the topic of hedging strategies and share with you our insights. You can access the Z22 Titan Note by clicking on the button below.

Z22 Titan Note Q4-2019 will cover the following topics:

  • We will describe the only two states, an investor should ever be in. Bullish Bear or Bearish Bull 

  • We will analyze different tools and strategies to protect and enhance portfolios and help you find out, which of these might be best suitable to reach your investment goals

  • We will share with you how we optimized our dynamic hedging concept and volatility overlay for equity portfolios (VolaBoost)

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